QTUK Membership

Becoming a member of Quality Trout UK brings a number of benefits with it. By holding this certification fish farmers will be recognised as a leading supplier of rainbow trout in the UK farmed to the highest of standards. Retailers can be assured that the fish for sale from these trout farmers tick all the boxes when it comes to animal welfare, food safety, traceability, product quality and good environmental practice.

As the standard is developed and owned by the industry, Quality Trout UK operates on a not-for-profit basis. Quality Trout UK is supported by the British Trout Association (BTA) and therefore runs no overheads or full-time salary costs. As such, membership of Quality Trout UK is guaranteed to be one of the most cost-effective certification schemes serving aquaculture producers, with management costs kept to an absolute minimum. Participating members pay fees to the relevant certifying inspection body which are put out for regular competitive tender.

If you are not already a member of Quality Trout UK and would like to apply or find out more information please contact us.

Quality Trout UK members are widely recognised as leading suppliers of the best quality rainbow trout in the UK.

Current members

Current members